• Non Vented Caps
  • Adult Grooved-Tip Suction Tube - (201035-000)
  • Pressure Gauge Isolator Kits
  • 3/8 x 1/4 x 1/4 Inch (in) Reducing "Y" Connector - (C430B)
  • 1/2 Inch (in) Straight Connector - (C140B)
  • Life Gift Cardioplegic Admin Set - (411005-000)
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    Tube Packs


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    At NovoSci, we are a vertically integrated solutions provider in the area of medical device contract manufacturing. We specialize in producing single-use, sterile products used in cardiovascular and general surgery. With our extensive background and qualifications, we understand that quality comes first. We work side by side with customers from pre-production through manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and worldwide distribution to get products to the market cost-effectively and on time.

    Our flexible service model combined with a state of the art production facility enables us to manage programs of any volume or complexity. We are structured to fulfill low volume orders on a quick-turn basis as well as handle high volume, large scale production. Our capabilities include Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing and assembly using methods such as ultrasonic welding and adhesive bonding. Along PVC, polycarbonate, and polypropylene, we manufacture custom tubing packs using acrylic, nylon, and stainless steel. We provide customized labeling with UDI barcoding and have extensive resources for kitting and packaging in bags, pouches, and trays.

    As a vertically integrated medical contract manufacturer, we deliver substantial value to the overall supply chain. We have a climate controlled warehouse with an integrated materials management system and offer order fulfillment and global distribution from our location in the Central United States.

    We have a robust, ISO 13485:2016 quality assurance program, use lean manufacturing strategies and hold ourselves to very high internal standards. Along with custom manufacturing, we have a catalog of over 300 standard products, such as disposable connectors, cannula, tubing and accessory packs for use cardiac surgery and a line of adult and pediatric suction devices. All manufacturing is done in the U.S.A., and we use innovative and streamlined processes to keep costs as low as possible. To learn more about our medical device contract manufacturing services or to schedule a consultation, contact us directly.

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    With our FDA approved cleanroom facility and ISO 13485:2016 certification, NovoSci is a leading company in the area of medical device contract packaging. We have a strong history serving the medical device community and the resources to address any packaging challenge. Our primary focus is on packaging medical instruments and medical kits that require a sterile package to ensure the highest level of patient safety.

    Inside our packaging department, we have state of the art equipment for creating flexible packages, such as pouches and packets, as well as thermoformed plastic trays and cardboard boxes. Depending on the project, we use either manual or automated methods put all the necessary components into a kit for sealing. We use closure methods such as ultrasonic welding and solvent and adhesive bonding to form an impenetrable seal against the environment, while our low-temperature ethyl oxide sterilization process protects the integrity of heat and moisture-sensitive components. Sterilized items can be placed in boxes for easy shelf storage or packed in cartons for shipping.

    Our processes are reliable and consistent, and we have foolproof procedures in place for package verification. As part of our quality assurance regimen, we leverage ASTM compliant test methods to test the seal strength and ensure that there are no defects in the package's barrier system.

    Along with medical device packaging, we offer a comprehensive mix of services to fulfill the entirety of our customers' packaging needs. We assist with packaging design, print and apply labels, as well as offer warehousing and distribution services for a full supply chain solution. Our packaging lines are organized to handle both low volume and high volume quantities and our prices are competitive and affordable. For more detailed information about our medical device contract packaging solutions or to schedule a consult, contact us directly.